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Senate Resolution on Open Access


Potsdam University Senate Resolution of 18 May 2006: Open Access at Potsdam University

In accordance with the objectives of the Berlin Declaration of October 2003 and the recommendations of Berlin 3 Open Access of March 2005 made in Southampton, UK, Potsdam University supports the academic policy demand for Open Access to academic publications in the World Wide Web. Therefore the Senate of Potsdam University passed the following resolution for the optimization of the practice of Open Access:

  1. The Senate encourages researchers of Potsdam University to publish in open access journals. The number of quality controlled academic Open Access journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is steadily increasing.

  2. The Senate recommends researchers to publish their results (monographs, reports, proceedings, periodicals etc.) either in electronic or if required in printed form with Potsdam University Press.

  3. The Senate welcomes the fact that a growing number of Potsdam University researchers are filing copies of their published, reviewed articles (so-called post-print versions) on the academic Publication Server, the institutional repository of Potsdam University. The Senate encourages all researchers to follow this example unless there are legal objections by publishers. This concerns the publications of a large number of publishers who already support "self-archiving" by authors at their institutions.

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