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Second Publication - Green Road

The Green Road of unrestricted access to scientific and scholarly information is one of the main roads to Open Access publishing. It involves the secondary publication of an article or monograph on the university's Publication Server or on a specialized document server after it has been published with a publisher following a conventional subscription model.

If the publisher of the primary publication has not been granted the exclusive right of use but the contractual simple, non-exclusive right of use instead, it is possible to publish the secondary release according to Open Access principles without restrictions. The same rule applies if authors have explicitly reserved their right to publish online as well.

In case all rights of use for an article or monograph belong to the publisher of the primary publication authors are not free anymore to make the respective work available to the public via the internet. Authors rather need the publisher’s permission to do so.

For more information about usage rights, please check Legal Aspects. If you are a member of Potsdam University feel free to contact us directly in order to obtain support for the verification of usage and exploitation rights of your work.

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