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Open Access at Potsdam University

In 2006, the Senate of Potsdam University passed a resolution on free availability of scientific and scholarly publications of its members. The main object of this resolution is to encourage and support academic staff of Potsdam University to publish research results online and free of charge according to the 2003 Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. The latter also formulated principles for future scientific and scholarly publications.

Potsdam University Library provides a variety of services for researchers affiliated to the university who wish to publish according to Open Access principles:

First Publications (such as dissertations, habilitations, monographs, conference contributions and conference proceedings, scientific and scholarly studies, articles, reports etc.) are, amongst others, eligible for publication with University Press. Moreover, the University Library offers advisory service concerning publication in electronic Open Access journals. For a preliminary overview of certified Open Access journals you may want to consult Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) first.

Second Publications, so-called postprints of publications that have been published before, can be archived on the Publication Server of Potsdam University and thus made available to the public via the internet.

Furthermore, the university provides advisory services on how to finance Open Access publications.

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