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Funding & Financial Aids

In order to finance primary publications in what is called the Golden Road of Open Access, publishers of Open Access Journals usually impose publication fees on authors. At the University of Potsdam, there are several financing options to fund these fees.

Publication costs for the primary publication of articles in original Open Access Journals may be supported by means of the Publication Fund. The support is dependent on defined criteria being met. Furthermore, PHD students and postdocs may apply to the Potsdam Graduate School (PoGS) for a publication cost grant.

The Department of Research as a part of its guidance concerning research proposals, also offers advice on formulating the financial requirements for Open Access publication fees. Furthermore, the Department of Research provides information on the individual requirements, which research sponsors may have related to Open Access.

In order to decrease Open Access publication costs, the University Library has reached an agreement with scientific publishers, leading to a reduction of publication costs. In addition, there are options of Open Access publication available within the framework of the alliance licenses of journal packages, funded by the German Research Foundation.

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