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Checklist for Publishing with Potsdam University Press

  1. Preliminary Request for Publication
  2. Please provide us with the basic information on your project. The input mask can be found here. Please take into account with your planning that work on your project (from the submission of a printable manuscript to the delivery of the finished document) will require about 12 to 15 weeks.

  3. Conclusion of the Contract
  4. We will send you a cost estimate and a draft of the publishing agreement by e-mail. Please print out and sign the publishing agreement twice in case that you agree with it. Please send both copies of the contract to us. We will then send a copy signed by us back to you.
    Model contract

  5. Creation of the Print Version
  6. Please take note of our instructions on manuscript creation.
    Create a document from your publication that is suitable for long-term archiving and for printing. Please choose a format conforming to the PDF/A or PDF/X standard. Here you get instructions on how to create the print version correctly.

  7. Submitting Metadata and Print File

    Please register your work here.
    Please add metadata (including keywords, abstract etc.) to your document and upload it in PDF/A or PDF/X format.
    For help read "Submitting the print version".

  8. Transfer of the Original Files
  9. Send us now (by e-mail, CD or FTP) your original file(s) from which the PDF file has been generated.
    For further information see Submitting Original File(s).

  10. Print Approval
  11. We check the files and add the title pages, the cover and the imprint to the manuscript. You will receive the complete document before the print approval once again from us. After about two weeks, we will send the print proofs to you for the final print approval. The print proofs are for checking the print image and the colours.
    For further instructions on creation click here.

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