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Creation Process

The university press checks your files and adds title pages, the cover, the imprint etc.
The publications receive a coloured soft cover in the university's design. Our new publications may serve as an example.

In the next step we will send you the complete document for checking before it goes into print. Text corrections are still possible at this point.

The print version is created by digital printing in almost every case. We work together with a professional printing press which delivers reliable quality and offers favourable conditions.
Printing usually occurs in DIN A5 format. DIN A4 and other formats are also possible (see Page Formats).

A more comfortable quality can also be created (Hardcover, English Brochure, special paper quality etc.).

After approx. two weeks you will receive a proof print for the final print approval. However, the proof does not serve for text corrections. It is used to check the print image and colours.

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