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Typesetting Software

The typesetting software Adobe InDesign is perfectly suitable for the professional setting of text with figures and tables. Using the program, however, requires some prior knowledge and it is therefore recommended to commission an external designer with this task. Campus licences are available via the ZEIK.

Novice users of LaTeX face a steep learning curve and it works almost like a programming language (at least it is not a What You See Is What You Get system). The software allows the creation of artwork masters in a high typographic quality. However, the artwork masters created with LaTeX, i. e. the compiled PDF files, are often inadequately suited for digital printing because of their insufficient technical quality.

Special attention should be paid to the tables and images as their quality in print depends considerably on the parameters used in creation.
A printout of at least 300 dpi must be possible.

Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer are not suitable for the creation of a reproducible print layout. In this case, the University Press reserves to commission an external provider to typeset the manuscript.

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