Absence of magnetohydrodynamic activity in the voltage-driven sheet pinch

  • We have numerically studied the bifurcation properties of a sheet pinch with impenetrable stress-free boundaries. An incompressible, electrically conducting fluid with spatially and temporally uniform kinematic viscosity and magnetic diffusivity is confined between planes at x1=0 and 1. Periodic boundary conditions are assumed in the x2 and x3 directions and the magnetofluid is driven by an electric field in the x3 direction, prescribed on the boundary planes. There is a stationary basic state with the fluid at rest and a uniform current J=(0,0,J3). Surprisingly, this basic state proves to be stable and apparently to be the only time-asymptotic state, no matter how strong the applied electric field and irrespective of the other control parameters of the system, namely, the magnetic Prandtl number, the spatial periods L2 and L3 in the x2 and x3 directions, and the mean values B¯2 and B¯3 of the magnetic-field components in these directions.

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Author:Norbert Seehafer, Egbert Zienicke, Fred Feudel
Series (Serial Number):NLD Preprints (paper 032)
Document Type:Preprint
Year of Completion:1996
Publishing Institution:Universität Potsdam
Release Date:2007/06/20
Organizational units:Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät / Institut für Physik und Astronomie
Zentrale und wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen / Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Dynamik komplexer Systeme
Dewey Decimal Classification:5 Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik / 53 Physik / 530 Physik
PACS Classification:40.00.00 ELECTROMAGNETISM, OPTICS, ACOUSTICS, HEAT TRANSFER, CLASSICAL MECHANICS, AND FLUID DYNAMICS / 47.00.00 Fluid dynamics (for fluid dynamics of quantum fluids, see section 67; see also section 83 Rheology; for sound generation by fluid flow, see 43.28.Ra-in Acoustics Appendix) / 47.20.-k Flow instabilities (see also 47.15.Fe Stability of laminar flows) / 47.20.Ky Nonlinearity, bifurcation, and symmetry breaking
50.00.00 PHYSICS OF GASES, PLASMAS, AND ELECTRIC DISCHARGES / 52.00.00 Physics of plasmas and electric discharges (for space plasma physics, see 94.05.-a; for astrophysical plasmas, see 95.30.Qd; for physics of the ionosphere and magnetosphere, see 94.20.-y and 94.30.-d respectively) / 52.30.-q Plasma dynamics and flow
90.00.00 GEOPHYSICS, ASTRONOMY, AND ASTROPHYSICS (for more detailed headings, see the Geophysics Appendix) / 95.00.00 Fundamental astronomy and astrophysics; instrumentation, techniques, and astronomical observations / 95.30.-k Fundamental aspects of astrophysics (see also section 26 Nuclear astrophysics) / 95.30.Qd Magnetohydrodynamics and plasmas (see also 52.30.Cv and 52.72.+v-in physics of plasmas)