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Recommendations for Manuscript Layouts


Type Area

For formatting the margins we recommend the following settings:

Top 2 cm
Bottom 2 cm
Inside (at least) 2.5 cm
Outside (at least) 2 cm

Choice of Fonts

The font should be freely licensed because these fonts can be installed in every operating system without legal barriers and used freely on the internet which is especially important with regard to online publication. Google Web Fonts provides a directory of open fonts.

The font should be sufficiently elaborated to fulfil the demands of the manuscript. This means the font should support all typefaces (italics, bold, small caps etc.) as well as a sufficient character set (according to the requirements IPA, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, mathematical and scientific special characters). If the necessary characters are not supported by the character set, the corresponding font is not suitable for Your manuscript.

The comprehensive and free Unicode fonts Gentium and Linux Libertine are especially suited for the typesetting of IPA-glyphs.

Serif fonts are suitable for continuous texts. Sans serif fonts are recommended for the demarcation of contents or the typographic differentiation of text structures (e. g. for headlines or footnotes).

Font Size and Line Spacing

Please note that in order to obtain an easily legible font size, the number of words should not exceed 7 to 11 words per line. The line spacing should amount to 1.15 times of the font size (for a font size of 10 pt for continuous text of a page in DIN A5 format a line spacing of at least 11.5 pt would be advisable).


Your manuscript should begin with page number five because cover pages and an imprint will be added by the University Press.

For further recommendations on manuscript layout please consult our guideline for typography.

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