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Further Document Processing

Please follow the hyperlink to access the Potsdam University Publication Server website

In preparation of publication we ask you to add the following information to your PDF file:

  • Create a bookmarks bar for better navigation in your document: Open Bookmark Window (Click on the bookmark tab on the left) --> highlight the individual headings in the text --> new bookmark [STRG-B] --> adds bookmark
    Get the support of the pool adviser of the ZEIK for this if necessary. The manual creation of bookmarks is not necessary if headings are marked up with the correct format templates in the word processing programs Microsoft Word or LaTeX automatically generates bookmarks if the package hyperref is used.
  • Fill in the text boxes under File --> Document Properties (in Adobe Acrobat: [STRG-D] --> Description (Do not forget to hit the save button).
  • Register your work for publication on the server of the university. Further information on the publication process can be found in our checklist for online publications.
  • Further instructions on formatting a document suitable for online publication and about the creation of a print version can be found on the page file formats.

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