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How can I submit my files to the University Library in case the upload fails?


In case the upload of your files should fail during the process of registration choose one of the options below to submit the files to us:

  • Submit the files via FTP:
    Enter the following address into the address field of your file manager:
    You can access the computer anonymously by entering the login name 'ftp' or 'anonymous' and your e-mail address or 'anonymous' as password. If you work on MS Windows, you can use the Windows Explorer, on MacOS the Finder and on Linux e. g. the Konquerer, Dolphin, Nautilus or Krusader. Alternatively you can use FTP programs on all operating systems (e. g. FileZilla or the FireFTP expansion pack for Mozilla Firefox). --> Press enter --> Copy file into the incoming folder --> Notify the university press of the exact file name by e-mail. (The file name is needed because the system functions as a black box, i. e. the university press can only access your data if the file name is known.)

  • Send a data medium with your files by post to the University Press or deliver it personally to us.

  • Please notify that along with the PDF version the creation format (e. g. Word, InDesign or LaTex files) is necessary for archiving your work. This serves the long-term, non-official preservation and backup of the documents in the publication system.

    If you wish further information about the submission of your data, we are happy to help you by e-mail or phone.