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Checklist for Publishing on the Publication Server

  1. Learn more about the Document Types to be used for publication on the publication server.

  2. Obtain information on the Legal Aspects for online publishing.

  3. Read about the File Format to use for publication and the Formatting of your document by means of a template suitable for online publication.

  4. Prepare your files according to the information given in the Tutorial on PDF Creation.

  5. Compose an abstract in English and German (approx. 2000 characters, max. 5000) and assign at least five German and five English keywords to describe the content of your work. This information is needed for the search in data bases and search engines.

  6. Fill in the online Registration Form. The input from this form is used to generate the introduction page to your publication with the respective bibliographic information. You will be redirected to a form for uploading your files in the following step.

  7. The next step is the form for your Declaration of Consent. With this declaration you transmit (among other things) the simple right of use (Einfaches Verwertungsrecht) for online publication to the University of Potsdam and affirm that by publication of your work no rights of third parties will be violated. Please print out this form and send it with your handwritten signature and as soon as possible to Potsdam University Press.

  8. For doctoral theses and habilitations (postdoctoral university degrees with lecture qualification): To ensure the identity between the electronic version and the print version, the Print Versions (required as per the doctoral degree regulations) have to be printed from the PDF file. Only this ensures that both versions can be cited correctly according to academic conventions. After you have registered your work on the institutional repository University Press will add an imprint. Hence we kindly ask you not to create the print versions until you have received the final version of your PDF file from us for checking. Please use permanent bindings for the printed copies such as glue binding, thermal binding, VeloBind or hard cover binding. Please refrain from using spiral binding since these copies of your thesis will be added to the collections of the Potsdam University Library and the German National Library. Please hand in the printed copies at Potsdam University Press.

    Notice concerning the protection of your personal data: Should the submitted copy of your thesis contain personal data e.g. a resume (CV), this can easily be eliminated from the online and/or further printed versions. If the resume is listed in the table of contents, please do not simply eliminate it from the electronic version. Instead, insert a placeholder page with a reference to the missing content, e.g.: “Pages 120-122 (resume) contain personal data and shall thus not be part of the online publication.”

    Publication with Potsdam University Press: Theses that have been passed with summa cum laude can be published in print with Potsdam University Press. Find out more about the Services of Potsdam University Press and read the Checklist for more information about the publishing process.

For further questions, suggestions or remarks please contact the Potsdam University Press directly at any time.

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