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Publishing Master and Bachelor Theses

Please follow the hyperlink to access the Potsdam University Publication Server website

Master and bachelor theses (according to § 21 of the regulatory framework for bachelor and master degrees at the university) with a grade of "A" can be archived in the University Library if the candidates and the supervisors do not disagree with this.

In addition, archiving and online publication of the digital version on the Publication Server of the University of Potsdam is possible.

Please proceed according to the checklist for submitting a publication to register your work with the Institutional Repository of the university.

The confirmation of the supervisor of the work has to be obtained to confirm a grade of "A" and a recommendation for publication of the thesis on the Publication Server. Please hand in the signed declaration of consent or a copy of your (where necessary preliminary) graduation certificate.

Notice Concerning the Protection of Your Personal Data:

Should the handed in copy of your thesis contain a curriculum vitae (CV), this can be eliminated from the online and/or further printed versions. If the CV is listed in the table of contents, please do not simply eliminate it from the electronic version. Instead, insert a placeholder page with a reference to the missing content, e. g.: “Pages 120-122 (CV) contain personal data and are thus not part of the online publication.”

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