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Discovery of a new tev Gamma-Ray source - VER J0521+211

  • We report the detection of a new TeV gamma-ray source, VER J0521+211, based on observations made with the VERITAS imaging atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Array. These observations were motivated by the discovery of a cluster of >30 GeV photons in the first year of Fermi Large Area Telescope observations. VER J0521+211 is relatively bright at TeV energies, with a mean photon flux of (1.93 +/- 0.13(stat) +/- 0.78(sys)) x 10(-11) cm(-2) s(-1) above 0.2 TeV during the period of the VERITAS observations. The source is strongly variable on a daily timescale across all wavebands, from optical to TeV, with a peak flux corresponding to similar to 0.3 times the steady Crab Nebula flux at TeV energies. Follow-up observations in the optical and X-ray bands classify the newly discovered TeV source as a BL Lac-type blazar with uncertain redshift, although recent measurements suggest z = 0.108. VER J0521+211 exhibits all the defining properties of blazars in radio, optical, X-ray, and gamma-ray wavelengths.

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Author:S. Archambault, T. Arlen, T. Aune, B. Behera, M. Beilicke, W. Benbow, R. Bird, A. Bouvier, J. H. Buckley, V. Bugaev, K. Byrum, A. Cesarini, L. Ciupik, M. P. Connolly, W. Cui, M. Errando, A. Falcone, Simone FedericiGND, Q. Feng, J. P. Finley, L. Fortson, A. Furniss, N. Galante, D. Gall, G. H. Gillanders, S. Griffin, J. Grube, G. Gyuk, D. Hanna, J. Holder, G. Hughes, T. B. Humensky, P. Kaaret, M. Kertzman, Y. Khassen, D. Kieda, H. Krawczynski, F. Krennrich, S. Kumar, M. J. Lang, A. S. Madhavan, G. Maier, P. Majumdar, S. McArthur, A. McCann, J. Millis, P. Moriarty, R. Mukherjee, A. O'Faolain de Bhroithe, R. A. Ong, A. N. Otte, N. Park, J. S. Perkins, Martin PohlORCiDGND, A. Popkow, H. Prokoph, J. Quinn, K. Ragan, L. C. Reyes, P. T. Reynolds, G. T. Richards, E. Roache, D. B. Saxon, G. H. Sembroski, A. W. Smith, D. Staszak, Igor Telezhinsky, M. Theiling, A. Varlotta, V. V. Vassiliev, S. Vincent, S. P. Wakely, T. C. Weekes, A. Weinstein, R. Welsing, D. A. Williams, B. Zitzer, M. Boettcher, S. J. Fegan, P. Fortin, J. P. Halpern, Y. Y. Kovalev, M. L. Lister, J. Liu, A. B. Pushkarev, P. S. Smith
ISSN:0004-637X (print)
ISSN:1538-4357 (online)
Parent Title (English):The astrophysical journal : an international review of spectroscopy and astronomical physics
Publisher:IOP Publ. Ltd.
Place of publication:Bristol
Document Type:Article
Year of first Publication:2013
Year of Completion:2013
Creating Corporation:VERITAS Collaboration
Release Date:2017/03/26
Tag:BL Lacertae objects: individual (VER J0521+211); gamma rays: galaxies
Funder:U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science; U.S. National Science Foundation; Smithsonian Institution; NSERC in Canada; Science Foundation Ireland [SFI 10/RFP/AST2748]; STFC in the UK; INAF in Italy; CNES in France; NASA [NNX10AP66G, NNX12AJ30G, NNX10AF89G]; Russian Foundation for Basic Research [11-02-00368, 12-02-33101]; Russian Academy of Sciences; Dynasty Foundation; South African Department of Science and Technology through the National Research Foundation under NRF SARChI Chair [64789]; NASA-Fermi [NNX08AV67G, 11-Fermi11-0019, NNX09AU10G]
Organizational units:Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät / Institut für Physik und Astronomie
Peer Review:Referiert