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More than a meal ... integrating non-feeding interactions into food webs

  • Organisms eating each other are only one of many types of well documented and important interactions among species. Other such types include habitat modification, predator interference and facilitation. However, ecological network research has been typically limited to either pure food webs or to networks of only a few (<3) interaction types. The great diversity of non-trophic interactions observed in nature has been poorly addressed by ecologists and largely excluded from network theory. Herein, we propose a conceptual framework that organises this diversity into three main functional classes defined by how they modify specific parameters in a dynamic food web model. This approach provides a path forward for incorporating non-trophic interactions in traditional food web models and offers a new perspective on tackling ecological complexity that should stimulate both theoretical and empirical approaches to understanding the patterns and dynamics of diverse species interactions in nature.

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Author:Sonia Kefi, Eric L. Berlow, Evie A. Wieters, Sergio A. Navarrete, Owen L. Petchey, Spencer A. Wood, Alice Boit, Lucas N. Joppa, Kevin D. Lafferty, Richard J. Williams, Neo D. Martinez, Bruce A. Menge, Carol A. Blanchette, Alison C. Iles, Ulrich BroseGND
ISSN:1461-023X (print)
Parent Title (English):Ecology letters
Place of publication:Hoboken
Document Type:Article
Year of first Publication:2012
Year of Completion:2012
Release Date:2017/03/26
Tag:Ecological network; ecosystem engineering; facilitation; food web; interaction modification; non-trophic interactions; trophic interactions
First Page:291
Last Page:300
Funder:Alexander von Humboldt foundation; Fondap Fondecyt [15001-001]; Fondecyt [107335, 1100920, 7100021]; Rhodes University; Royal Society; German Research Foundation (BR) [2315/13-1]; NSF; AW Mellon Foundation; D & L Packard Foundation; G & B Moore Foundation; W & G Valley Foundation; NSERC
Organizational units:Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät / Institut für Biochemie und Biologie
Peer Review:Referiert