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La traducción de la obra del Tratado elemental de Química de Lavoisier y el diálogo entre la filosofía y la ciencia

  • The Traité élémentaire de chimie (1789) is considered to be the first modern chemistry text. After the author, Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier (1743 - 1794), had defined the element as a pure substance that cannot be broken down into simpler entities, he introduced the method of chemical terminology in which he represented the elements in a more practical way as symbols. The translator Juan Manuel Munárriz followed the author in his conviction that it is impossible to separate the nomenclature from science for three reasons: the scientific facts, the ideas representing them, and the words that express the ideas.
Author:Gerda HaßlerORCiDGND
Parent Title (German):La ciencia como diálogo entre teorías, textos y lenguas
Publisher:Frank & Timme
Place of publication:Berlin
Document Type:Part of a Book
Year of first Publication:2015
Year of Completion:2014
Publishing Institution:Universität Potsdam
Release Date:2017/05/19
First Page:109
Last Page:125
Organizational units:Philosophische Fakultät
Dewey Decimal Classification:4 Sprache / 40 Sprache / 400 Sprache
Licence (German):License LogoKeine Nutzungslizenz vergeben - es gilt das deutsche Urheberrecht