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Efficient charge generation by relaxed charge-transfer states at organic interfaces

  • carriers on illumination. Efficient organic solar cells require a high yield for this process, combined with a minimum of energy losses. Here, we investigate the role of the lowest energy emissive interfacial charge-transfer state (CT1) in the charge generation process. We measure the quantum yield and the electric field dependence of charge generation on excitation of the charge-transfer (CT) state manifold viaweakly allowed, low-energy optical transitions. For a wide range of photovoltaic devices based on polymer: fullerene, small-molecule:C-60 and polymer: polymer blends, our study reveals that the internal quantum efficiency (IQE) is essentially independent of whether or not D, A or CT states with an energy higher than that of CT1 are excited. The best materials systems show an IQE higher than 90% without the need for excess electronic or vibrational energy.

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Author:Koen Vandewal, Steve AlbrechtGND, Eric T. Hoke, Kenneth R. Graham, Johannes Widmer, Jessica D. Douglas, Marcel Schubert, William R. Mateker, Jason T. Bloking, George F. Burkhard, Alan Sellinger, Jean M. J. Frechet, Aram Amassian, Moritz K. Riede, Michael D. McGehee, Dieter NeherORCiDGND, Alberto Salleo
ISSN:1476-1122 (print)
ISSN:1476-4660 (online)
Pubmed Id:
Parent Title (English):Nature materials
Publisher:Nature Publ. Group
Place of publication:London
Document Type:Article
Year of first Publication:2014
Year of Completion:2014
Release Date:2017/03/27
First Page:63
Last Page:68
Funder:Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltaics [KUS-C1-015-21]; Department of Energy, Laboratory Directed Research and Development [DE-AC02-76SF00515]; BMBF [03IP602]; BMBF within PVcomB [FKZ 03IS2151D]; DFG [SPP 1355]
Organizational units:Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät / Institut für Physik und Astronomie
Peer Review:Referiert