Ethylene oxide sterilization of electrospun poly(L-lactide)/poly(D-lactide) core/shell nanofibers

  • The application of polymers in medicine requires sterilization while retaining material structure and properties. This demands detailed analysis, which we show exemplarily for the sterilization of PLLA/PDLA core-shell nanofibers with ethylene oxide (EtO). The electrospun patch was exposed to EtO gas (6 vol% in CO2, 1.7 bar) for 3 h at 45 degrees C and 75% rel. humidity, followed by degassing under pressure/vacuum cycles for 12 h. GC-MS analysis showed that no residual EtO was retained. Fiber diameters (similar to 520 +/- 130 nm) of the patches remained constant as observed by electron microscopy. Young's modulus slightly increased and the elongation at break slightly decreased, determined at 37 degrees C. No changes were detected in H-1-NMR spectra, in molar mass distribution (GPC) or in crystallinity measured for annealed samples with comparable thermal history (Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering). Altogether, EtO emerged as suitable sterilization method for polylactide nanofibers with core-shell morphology.

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Author details:Axel T. NeffeORCiDGND, Quanchao ZhangGND, Paul J. Hommes-Schattmann, Andreas LendleinORCiDGND
Title of parent work (English):MRS advances
Place of publishing:Cham
Publication type:Article
Date of first publication:2021/06/04
Publication year:2021
Release date:2023/03/17
Number of pages:4
First page:786
Last Page:789
Funding institution:European UnionEuropean Commission [604049]; Helmholtz AssociationHelmholtz Association
Organizational units:Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät / Institut für Chemie
DDC classification:6 Technik, Medizin, angewandte Wissenschaften / 67 Industrielle Fertigung
Peer review:Referiert
Publishing method:Open Access / Hybrid Open-Access
License (German):License LogoCC-BY - Namensnennung 4.0 International
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