Bürger und Barbar : über die Dialektik von Gewalt und Krieg in Philosophie und Geschichte

The bourgeois and the barbarian : on the dialectics of violence and war in philosophy and history

  • Are we witnessing a decline of war, the spread of violence or both? The growing number of wars and genocids conveys the impression of uncontrolled violence. Is there any possibility to overcome belligerent conflicts between states? Do imply social, technological, cultural or even anthropological changes moments which could shift the ground of state’s rivalry towards non-belligerent relationships? Peace trough interdependence and democracy seems possible. The priorities of modern states cannot be thought on the basis of attributes like sovereignty and territoriality. The peaceful 'bourgeois islands' not only bring about prosperity but increasing social exclusion as well. New phenomenon of ethnicism and religiosity often originate from, around and in their midst. Threats arising from terrorism and racial or religious riots are the consequences. There are two options, the author considers as possible: an "embourgeoisement" of the "barbarians" or a "barbarisation of the bourgeois". Or is there a new political form emerging?

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Author:Pierre Hassner
Document Type:Postprint
Year of Completion:1996
Publishing Institution:Universität Potsdam
Release Date:2006/12/08
Source:WeltTrends : Zeitschrift für internationale Politik und vergleichende Studien. - 10 (1996). - S. 89 - 108
RVK - Regensburg Classification:MA 8157
Organizational units:Extern / Extern
Dewey Decimal Classification:3 Sozialwissenschaften / 32 Politikwissenschaft / 320 Politikwissenschaft
Collections:Universität Potsdam / Zeitschriften / WeltTrends : Zeitschrift für internationale Politik, ISSN 0944-8101 / NATO-Osterweiterung 10 (1996)
Notes extern:erschienen in: WeltTrends : Zeitschrift für internationale Politik und vergleichende Studien. - 10 (1996)
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